New and evolving brands have different needs.

Whether I’m creating a timeless logo or improving on an existing brand mark, my process begins with developing a clear understanding of your consumer, and your target market.

It concludes with me delivering, to you, a final logo that serves as an unflawed demonstration of all that your business strives to represent.

A “Brand Guide,” which is included with your design, is a set of rules that explains how your logo works. These are exact standards that set your company apart from your competitors.


Research is the pillar of ideas, and your logo is the foundation on which they’re constructed. I evaluate the behavior and perception of your customers, and together we study their habits so we can better position your brand.


It’s difficult to proceed with a design before a clear approach is articulated. Talking strategy is where I work out the role and character of your design, and establish the basic foundation.


I don’t design for the sake of design. The font, the form, and the color – everything matters. The design offers an emotional and physical feeling to the brand.